Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stupid Back Flips

Today got me to thinking…I’m really annoyed at the fact that I can’t do a back flip.  In all honestly, I can’t even do a decent cartwheel.   When I try it is a shameful display of human weakness. It isn’t a matter of guts.  As a kid, I used to drive my Big Wheel too fast. I would take unnecessarily dangerous chances on the swing set by attempting to go all the way around.  I would even fall forward flat on my face for laughs.  So what is it about a back flip that eludes me?  I am completely denied  joyous opportunities to spring into a back flip at unexpected moments in a conversation, suddenly in the produce section of the grocery store, during Thanksgiving dinner or down the stacks at the public library.  I feel denied that the back flip is not in my arsenal of random things to do when the mood strikes you.   I am certain that the ability to do a back flip opens the door to more complex routines.  Just imagine the dusting potential of having a swiffer in your hand as you do a backward tucked somersault ending in a straddle split…the efficiency factor of the range of surfaces your duster would grace is simply mind boggling.  I think I’m very lucky for many things in my life…but on this front I feel like I got the short end of the uneven bars.  It just isn’t fair and today was an especially hard day to accept it.

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