Thursday, January 6, 2011

Unlocking the Secret to Success for Your New Year's Resolutions

I’ve been around long enough to know that resolutions are tricky little things.  In order to guarantee success, you really need to have some sort of a disclaimer for each resolution.  Think of it as a sort of prenuptial agreement without the enormous wedding costs, angry bridal outbursts and bad reception line dances.  Having disclaimers will not only give your resolutions that contractual air of legality feel, but it also provides you with an out when the much dreaded breaking of the resolution occurs. 
Take, for example, my resolution to not drink any beer in 2011.  It is a noble endeavor seeing as I drink too much of it now and it isn’t so good for the waistline.  I made that resolution as the ball dropped in New York City and then promptly broke it the next day at 11:00am central time…or did I?  I have a disclaimer which allows for the consumption of beer during sporting events (on television or live in a stadium with or without a dome).  And as luck would have it, two bowl games that we watched on TV were played that day.  Later in the week, we had beers again.  Not so much breaking the resolution because I have a disclaimer regarding spicy foods.  Additionally, I have a disclaimer regarding days ending in Y.  As hard as it is, I’m seeing a great amount of success with the no beer in 2011 resolution thus far.  I also have a second resolution and that is to write in my blog every day.  You, the reader, may want to add some disclaimers later, but I actually withheld any disclaimers on this resolution other than the disclaimer that I can drink beer when writing my daily blog.
In response to the birds, fish, crabs and whatever else has died in mass this week, here is something interesting from the Huffington Post…or at least I thought so.

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