Sunday, January 30, 2011

Living in the Moment

One of the things that used to really get on my nerves about my last job was that we never lived in the moment.  Now of course I understand it is stupid to not also have one eye on the future, but you do yourself a disservice by not keeping one eye on the present, too. (All this talk about eyes makes me think of Marty Feldman.  You know, it also makes me think of Sammy Davis Jr. and Sandy Duncan.  They both had a glass eye.  I always wondered if they took their glass eyes out from time to time to clean them or freak out relatives at big gatherings.  I think I would do that if I had a glass eye.) 

Regardless of success or failure, you take something away from the present and you miss what that is if you don’t pay attention and take note of it.  Dogs live in the moment and look how happy they are…except when the postman comes and that just pisses them off.  But by living in the moment that pissed off feeling is really new and genuine and loud every single day at around 2:00pm.  This weekend for us was a really fantastic time to just enjoy the present.  We had lunch on Friday with one of our favorite people.  We adore her and we made plans to do something good for ourselves together.  We picked one weekly yoga session. This ought to be interesting and I know I will look like an idiot and more than likely break wind during the sessions, but who cares because I know we’ll have a great time.  Then that night we had dinner and played board games with three really fantastic people.  I made fire-roasted tomato bisque (recipe below) and she made her famous blueberry vanilla cream cheese pumpkin roll-up.  Her dessert was so good it would make you punch your grandma right in the mouth…possibly even knocking her dentures out or her glass eye whatever the case may be.  When I get her recipe I will pass that on, too.  On Saturday, we went with two of our best friends (our bitchez) for lunch and to see The Rite.  The company was great even though the movie stunk (see yesterday’s blog entry).  Later that evening, we went to a friend’s birthday party – more good times with good people.   I could be upset by what I lack and not pay attention to the moment, but screw that noise.  I’m lucky for the people I have in my life and just focusing on the moment allows me to appreciate and enjoy their company all the more.


  1. Still waiting on the blueberry vanilla cream cheese pumpkin roll up recipe.....Can't tempt us with that and not pass it on!!! Slap the dentures out of someones grandma and get me that recipe before I am snowed in AGAIN with three boys that have never ending appetites!!! please!!!!!

  2. I will get the recipe! I won't forget you like that!