Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Three Month Got Laid Off Day

Today is my got laid-off three month anniversary.  This marks the longest I’ve gone without a job since I was 13.  Not sure how to actually celebrate this milestone…maybe a nice old fashioned comfort food overeating binge??? Today also saw the end of the moving to Shreveport plan.  The Executive Director there is probably one of the most honest and direct people I’ve met…something that earns a lot of respect with me.  She said the job was mine and I could start January 30.  The instability of our house selling and red flag of a funding loss at the museum forced us into the decision to stay in Birmingham.  It certainly helps that we love Birmingham…it is our home.  We know that unemployment will continue to be a roller coaster ride and due to the nature of my career, the likelihood of us not having to ultimately move is slim.  But for now, we’ll continue on with the job search, be happy and appreciative that we have each other and take time to rejoice in the lack of soap scum buildup in our bathtub.
I saw this movie trailer yesterday.  Clearly it struck a chord with me.  I plan to stop dusting and cooking just long enough to see it when it opens in theaters.