Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Wrong of The Rite

Holy crap I am excited.  We are going to see The Rite with Anthony Hopkins.  I’m thinking we are in for a collision of The Exorcist meets Silence of the Lambs.  I can’t decide if I should wear a crucifix or that inmate hockey mask thingy with sticks in my mouth and Tiffany rolling me in on a hand cart?  So excited.  SO EXCITED.  We are going to walk the dogs and get ready.  I just wanted to write before that movie to let you know I was excited.  Did you know I am excited?

Ok…I’m not excited anymore.  Maybe I’m just old and cynical…but that wasn’t scary at all.  Is it wrong to just want a little pea soup with your run of the mill possession?  We grew up with the Exorcist for goodness sake.  I need heads spinning around and constant cuss words to believe the devil is having a busy day.  Don’t get me wrong, Anthony Hopkins was good and creepy as ever…but I just needed more.  You can take the Catholic bred guilt out of church, but you can’t take the Catholic bred guilt out of an exorcism movie.  If it doesn’t cause nightmares, this former Catholic girl isn’t buying it (mass was scary enough).  So do what I did…spend time with friends, drink beer, listen to Saturday night disco and wait and rent this flick.  You always have the memory of Linda Blair’s possession to keep you company late at night.

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